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We provide solutions for contaminated sites with proven and innovative treatment techniques for soil and groundwater.

Expertise & site assessments (Worldwide)

Contamination: mineral oil, VOC, VOX, PAH, heavy metals etc.
Site assessment, environmental consulting, feasibility studies, full scale or laboratory pilot tests
Companies: Total, Rubis, EDF, Areva, Exxon Mobil,
BP, ENI etc.

TOTAL Hub - Lacq (France)

Contamination: Mineral oil
300,000 m3 soil excavated and sorted
180,000 t on site bioremediation

Norske SHELL Stavanger (Norway)

A refinery in south west Norway was dismantled after 35 years of activity. The site has been reconverted in the framework of an important soil remediation program.
On site treatment for a full range of hydrocarbon components 
165,000 t by biological treatment  
191,000 t by soil washing
105,000 t by thermal desorption

The Avenue project - Chesterfield (England)

Contamination: Tars, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, asbestos.
Excavation, sorting and treatment of 3,500,000 t of contaminated soils
450,000 t treated in a thermal desorption plant on site, fully designed and operated by SUEZ Remediation

AGIP Trecate (Italy)

Pollution : Hydrocarbon components
65,000 t On site washing and thermal treatments with highly contamination by hydrocarbons for this blow out of crude oil at the petrol winning / oil drilling site.

Defensie-Eiland - Woerden (The Netherlands)

Contamination: Mineral oil, VOX, BTEX
Excavation, pump & treat, in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), bioremediation
260 m3/hr pump & treat,
60,000 m3 in-situ remediation

Prestige Oil tanker accident (Spain)

The wreck of the prestige caused a wide pollution of the Spanish beaches and heavily contaminated sediments were collected before treatments.
20,000 t On site soil washing treatment

Tyre manufacturer (Poland)

Contamination: Mineral oil, PCE and hazardous waste.
Drilling up to 80m bgl, risk assesment, pilot tests 10 m3/hr pump & treat
9,000 t sorting and on-site mechanical volatilization and
17,000 t off-site waste treatment

Hanover Quay Dublin (Ireland)

In some cases, Ireland has no facilities to treat hazardous waste and contaminated soils have to be imported to Belgium for treatment.
50,000 t of contaminated soils with heavy metals, PAH, TPH treated  to date at the soil treatment plant at Grimbergen (BE)

UCB - Le Roeulx (Belgium)

Contamination: Acid tars, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, asbestos.
Excavation, sorting and treatment of 24,000 t of acid tars and 200,000 t of contaminated soils

Ministry of Defense - Paris (France)

UXO survey and UXO clearance of a former military site. 12 ha.
2988 identified targets, 22 active ammunitions destroyed on site with bespoke protection structures